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We work hard to be
a company chosen by
both our clients
and employees.

Our business is based on customers and excellent experts at SAKAE.
We focus on being a high-quality company which consistently deliver superior customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.


What we do

THE SAKAE CO.,LTD is a leading builder in diverse segments and provide secure full-service construction with an emphasis on safety.

Main Business

Machinery and Equipment Installation, Heavy Device Installation, Steel Framework Construction,scaffold,Aerial Work,Welding and Plant


Our Experience

We deliver high-quality construction services to our clients all over Japan.

New Contruction Experiences !!!

December 2018 Maintenance of dust collector No.1 equipment of Buzen city sotoni town clean center located in Fukuoka prefecture
Exchange of flash smelting furnace supply feeder of Pan Pacific Copper co.,Ltd Saganoseki
Maintenace of slag bucket conveyor of Pan Pacific Copper co.,Ltd Saganoseki
Repair of incinerator roller level in Takeo city, Saga prefecture
October 2018Chimney flushing work of Asahi Kasei co.,Ltd at Nobeoka city
SG1 Plant construction of Showa denko k.k.
January 2018Inspection of rail of Kijima-Kogen park
Installation of new electric dust collection of Kyushu electric power co.,Inc matsuura power plant's No.2 equipment
November 2017R2 Mill Motor Open Inspection
Conveyor Installation in ISAHAYA CITY
October 2017Flash tank Renewal and Silencer Demolition of OGIRI Power Plant
GPB Periodical Maintenance in MIZUSHIMA
Injection Well Excavation(Demolition and Construction) of YAMAGAWA Power Plant
September 2017Boring Inspection of OHI Power Plant
Periodical Maintenance in SAGANOSEKI
TAKIGAMI Binary Power Plant Project


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